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The Ultimate Water Descaler & Water Softener

Meet the Scale Manager water descaler: your maintenance-free home solution to limescale and hard water problems.

Countless American neighborhoods are affected by hard water today. Limescale builds up in these homes and damages appliances, wastes expensive energy, can irritate dry skin and causes many other problems.

Our low cost, easy to install electronic water softener solves these issues, as well as providing incredible benefits to your health, lifestyle and finances.

  • Cleaning is easier

    How hard should you have to scrub to remove limescale from faucets, baths and showers? With the Scale Manager saltless water softener, the problem is solved. No more hard work removing scale – it’s in the past.

  • Feel the difference on your skin

    Just a few days after installing our incredible water descaler, you’ll notice a difference. Clothes will get softer as the scale is washed from fibers. Water is kinder to your skin and hair. Hard water is a thing of the past.

  • Pipes get a new lease of life

    Years of limescale buildup starts to be removed by the Scale Manager water softener system as soon as it is installed. It’s like getting a new plumbing system. Troublesome limescale won’t ever come back.

  • Kind to loved ones and the planet

    There are no chemicals or salts involved in the amazing technology behind Scale Manager. It’s kind to the environment and perfect for all of your family members, young and old.

Scale Manager keeps getting better

Scale Manager starts working quickly and only gets better with time. The timeline below shows how fast each benefit of the world’s best water softener becomes noticeable in your home.*

  • Surfaces that touch water often, like sinks and baths, are easier to clean
  • Shower heads and faucets under hard water treatment won’t become re-contaminated
  • Your washing machine needs less laundry detergent and fabric softener
  • Sufferers of dry skin, eczema and psoriasis have been found to enjoy relief
  • Limescale softens and can be removed easily from baths, showers and faucets
  • Lime deposits in your plumbing are cleared, which can improve household water flow
  • Laundry comes out much softer, as limescale no longer affects clothing fibers
  • Washing the car at home no longer leaves streaky marks
  • Appliances that use water last longer and maintenance costs are reduced
  • Water from your faucets is kinder to skin and hair, especially for babies
  • Energy bills and cleaning product expenses are lower
  • Limescale problems are gone for good
  • You’ll use less energy, less washing and cleaning products. It’s great for the environment.

*The timescale above is based on the average experience of our customers living in hard water areas. Your own experience may be slightly different, as a result of various factors.

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Scale Manager couldn't be easier to use

One thing always amazes our customers, and that's how simple it is to install the world's best water descaler in their homes.

Scale Manager is fast and easy to fit. It’s also requires zero maintenance. The device simply fits around your existing water pipe system, so there's no need to hire an expensive plumber or electrician. That means no installation costs either.

Anyone can do it!

The simple, step-by-step instructions that come with Scale Manager mean it's really easy to fit. You'll be enjoying the benefits before you know it.

No vibration. No noise.

You'd forget Scale Manager was there if it wasn't so beneficial. It runs completely silently, without so much as a hum.

A perfect fit for your home

Scale Manager works in any and every domestic property, big or small - including yours. That’s why it's the best choice for American homes of all sizes.

Moving? Take Scale Manager with you

There's no need to buy another Scale Manager if you move house. The device is easy to uninstall and portable enough to take to your new home.

Scale Manager can save you all this money

You'll save money year after year with the Scale Manager electronic water softener, in lots of different areas of your home.

Scale Manager by Waltham has offered unbeatable benefits to households like yours since 1995. Make one small investment in the world’s leading water conditioner today, and you’ll enjoy fantastic savings for years to come.

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